What Our Clients Say

More than Clients… Family

At Elder Law Group PLLC our passion is relationships with seniors and their families.  We put that sentiment first and foremost in everything we do at Elder Law Group PLLC.  Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the relationships we forge with our family of clients.

Willing to take time to explain to us rationale for certain clauses and make changes if desired.

J. & K. M. 8/20/18

I felt so overwhelmed by my mom’s circumstances – I am so happy that I consulted with Liz. She has a calm manner that really put me at ease every time I met with her or talked with her over the phone. All staff members were helpful and empathetic.

J. R. 7/27/18

We felt empowered to make plans for the protection of our estate and make administration of our estate easier for our children. We were given the information without feeling pressured or “sold” to. It was a pleasant experience from start to finish.

A.& D. H. 7/13/18

Really explaining all the details and answering my concerns even if I really didn’t know how to ask the questions.

E.H. 7/13/18

The attorneys and staff followed up, provided details that were easy to understand, completed the work in a timely and efficient manner, and were within our budget.

L.C. & J.C. 7/10/18

You were willing to answer questions and explain things in a way we could understand

D. & M.A. 5/15/2018

Compassion and understanding during this bad time in my and my husbands life after 56 years.

9/6/17 M.J.

Our best experience with an attorney. Thank you.

8/28/17 G.S.

Service was compassionate and professional. Covered everything and answered all my questions. Thank you so much.

8/8/17 G.D.

Elizabeth was able to answer all my questions and explain things in a manner that I was able to understand. She was very patient with me and helped me through the estate planning process as painless as possible. I would recommend Elder Law Group to all in need.

9/21/17 K.W.

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