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Empowering Seniors' Futures

Estate Planning to protect you and your assets from Long-Term Care costs.

Peace of Mind Through
Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate, no matter the level of assets. Let us help you with Asset Protection Estate Planning – It’s For Everyone!™

Protect Your Assets From Long-Term Care Costs

Long-Term Care costs are the biggest threat to seniors’ financial security. We focus on Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategies®.

Simplified Probate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is always difficult. We provide capable and compassionate guidance to simplify the estate administration process.

Welcome to Elder Law Group PLLC

We are your Asset Protection Estate Planning™ and Elder Law Team with offices in Spokane and the Tri-Cities, helping to secure your financial future. Through comprehensive, individualized planning your assets can be protected, even in in the face of Long-Term Care costs.

Learn how you can benefit from Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategies® and qualify for government Long-Term Care benefits without spending down all of your money. We will answer your questions about how to preserve assets and avoid nursing home impoverishment. We will show you the best Elder Law options for you and your loved ones.

We proudly serve clients in Spokane, the Tri-Cities, throughout Central and Eastern Washington, North Idaho and the surrounding communities.

We are available to provide you capable and effective legal services in the following areas:

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What our clients say...

"You have given me peace of mind knowing that my wife and I are prepared for the varied eventualities that lie ahead of us. There is no way I could have understood all that was necessary to accomplish our goals. Thank you so much for your professionalism, thoroughness, patience, and kindness. It was truly appreciated."

-A.H. and N. H.

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