What Our Clients Say

More than Clients… Family

At Elder Law Group PLLC our passion is relationships with seniors and their families.  We put that sentiment first and foremost in everything we do at Elder Law Group PLLC.  Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from the relationships we forge with our family of clients.

Here is what they have to say….

I enjoyed working with your staff as they talked in a way I understood.

A.C. 05.12.17

We found everyone very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. I t was a pleasure to be treated so well and pampered. Our family’s unique situation was addressed and we can rest assured our future planning is in the right step to protect our loved ones. Thank you!

J.R. and B.R. 04.10.17

Jonas was very thorough in his questioning to make sure he was providing everything we needed and wanted. Everyone we dealt with was professional, kind, and polite. They answered all of our questions and addressed all our concerns to our complete satisfaction. We are very happy with this law firm. We trust them and will use them in the future if any legal problems arise.

T.C. and L.C. 03.07.17

Our instructions to your staff were followed exactly. Wonderful service at every step in the process. Staff members were great listeners during our discussions.

R.B. and P.B. 03.03.17

Very happy with your service! I will contact you in the future for any legal assistance.

L.K. 03.01.17

I especially liked and appreciated Marissa’s hand delivered documents to me at home when I was snowbound due to icy road conditions. Also, the original informational meeting by Liz in Richland was extremely helpful!

R.J.C. 2.21.17

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient!

J. L. 02.13.17

I can’t think of a way I could be served better. I have given out the pens you gave me and I know one client came to you as a result. Another I know didn’t pursue this avenue and is likely losing most of her assets!

M.S. 01.31.17

You went above and beyond of us; especially Liz Wallace. We would have lost everything if it wasn’t for you.

S.C. 01.11.17

This was a totally new experience for us. We did not have any legal matters in order and were really nervous. Thank you for putting us at ease.

R.W. and S. W. 01.04.17

You have given me peace of mind knowing that my wife and I are prepared for the varied eventualities that lie ahead of us. There is no way I could have understood all that was necessary to accomplish our goals. Thank you so much for your professionalism, thoroughness, patience, and kindness. It was truly appreciated.

A.H. and N. H. 12.23.16

We went to Lynn St. Louis to get my parent’s Will set up and Lynn and her associates were amazing and were so helpful! They made sure we understood everything and didn’t overwhelm us with legal jargon. They worked with us to make sure that everything was in place for when we needed it. When my mother passed away, we called them to find out what our next steps were. Before they even started they expressed their condolences and sent us a card! When we sat down with them to get my mother’s estate squared away they walked us through the process step by step. If we forgot what was going on, they were always happy to go over it again! They made sure to keep us posted when we needed to sign something, or what information we needed to provide them. Their rates are very reasonable and they are worth every penny! I am so glad that we found Lynn St. Louis! I cannot say enough good things! If you want experience, and also want to be treated as a person rather than a billing number, this is the place to go!

G.P. 12.17.16

Very professional. Able to answer questions and put together a plan to meet our needs.

D.S. and K.S. 12.06.16

I have nothing but positive things to say! Everyone at Elder Law Group was amazing and helpful. Thank you for everything!

G.P. 12.05.16

We hired Lynn after the passing of a family member. Lynn was more than wonderful. She was easy to work with and paid very close attention to every detail. When outside help was necessary, she knew just who to call. She and her office staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. We would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of estate management or probate.

R.S. 11.30.16

Working with your firm was a great experience. Everyone was very helpful and things were done in a timely manner. Compassion was shown to us and I am very happy. Thank you for a job well done.

R.S. 11.28.16

The staff was very compassionate towards our family and our situation. They always showed the utmost respect towards our needs. Sheryl Owens was always available to for our many questions and was very professional when it came to answering them. She made us feel very valued as clients of your firm. We would highly recommend your firm to others!

T.S. and J.S. 10.06.16

After looking online for attorneys who were rated well, we selected Lynn St. Louis…

In working with Lynn St. Louis, we found she had an unusual ability to clearly explain how estate laws applied to our particular situation and what options were available to us…

We were very pleased with the quality of service we received. The staff were always warm and welcoming and seemed committed to help make this experience as easy and possible. We would feel very comfortable recommending the Elder Law Group PLLC to others who need services regarding wills and estate planning…

G.M. 09.26.16

It is necessary for us to do things from a long distance.  The staff at ELG was not only kind and courteous, they were considerate of our travel schedule and prepared documents in a timely manner and quickly prepared our notebook of documents so we could make our airline flight.

B.C. 09.15.16

Wonderful staff. Always very helpful. The Will and other directives were very comprehensive and cover any scenario. Very comforting for us.

R.A. and K.A. 07.28.16

We had a significant number of questions throughout the process of making decisions about our Will, desiring to understand clearly our options and the specific procedures of our estate plan. Lynn St. Louis and her staff gave us much time and patient explanation and reiteration as we needed until we understood, without pressure to rush our choices.

This was excellent service. We finished with complete satisfaction with and comprehension of the workings of our estate plan and a very useful, highly organized binder with documents and much extra information.

F.D. and E.D. 07.15.16

Every member of your staff was kind and courteous and very helpful. Even though this was a stressful time in our life, each time we met with you, you made us feel calm and confident. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

L.R. 07.08.16

From the first time we walked in the front door we were made to feel very comfortable. Everyone was very professional and courteous. All of our questions were answered and needs were met. Everything was accomplished easily and quickly. We are very happy. We came here and had our entire estate set up correctly so we can travel and play ‘care free.’ Awesome ladies at the Kennewick office!

R.B. and S. B. 6.17.16

You made us feel comfortable and explained things in a way to help us both understand. You folks were great and provided much more knowledge then we even knew when it comes to estate planning. We thank you very much.

B.K. and S.K. 5.24.16

The best part of our experience was the level of sympathy shown and justification / validation of our frustrations. It was so helpful and worth the money to know and trust your firm was behind us.

R.H. 05.23.16

I liked the fact that when I left your office a heavy load was taken off my shoulders. I knew that everything would be alright then.

L.A. 05.09.16

Excellent staff and service!

J. B. and G. B. 04.29.16

We really appreciated the patience with which you explained things to us – sometimes multiple times!

D.W. and P. H. 04.25.16

We felt confident in your elder law specialty.

M.P. and K.P. 04.25.16

I can’t express how thankful I am to have had you take the case. Everyone was very courteous. Anyone who has a dog at work has to be okay! Thank you so much.


B.E.B. 04.18.16

“I like how all of your work is so in time with the needs of elders. It was a pleasure to come to your office.”

K.U. 03.25.16

“We really felt so confident that Lynn understood our issues, the complexity of it, and our family’s needs. We are forever grateful and would recommend her to anyone needing elder law services!”

K.J. 03.07.16

Very friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and ‘not stuffy’ service.

K.E. 03.04.16

With the circumstance of my husband’s worsened debilitations and sudden requirement to transfer to a long-term care facility, I was woefully unprepared. Without long-term care insurance, the financial implications were frightful. Then, my search brought me to Elder Law Group for legal guidance and with their amicable introduction, awesome competence, expertise, etc., my frenzy and fears were quieted. Elder Law Group could not have better served me. Additionally, a challenge it would be to list only the finest superlatives that would best describe your exemplary service for which I am ever grateful.

B.W. 02.29.16

Everyone in the office is very personable and kind. The office and all the people there have such warmth and they extend this to clients.

K.B. 02.26.16

At a time when we needed help in a hurry, Elder Law Group PLLC stepped right in and solved our problem. A service we will forever be grateful for.

K.J. 2.26.16

Great service. Loved the great treatment in your office by the wonderful staff and dogs. Loved the candy as well.

J.H. and P.H. 01.27.16

Always felt welcome… Professional and so friendly… Lynn was so helpful and supportive; she knows her stuff to a T. I also loved working with Marissa, the paralegal. I would not go to anyone else.

N.W. 01.25.16

Jen went beyond the legal question (in a good way) to try to help me address underlying issues. That is care for the larger issues.

J.L. 1.21.16

The attorneys had all the answers about my questions and explained all points in a concise, understanding manner. Very friendly, punctual, and made me feel welcome and at home. They made very fine suggestions. Overall, my experience could not have been better.

D.M. 12.29.15

How friendly and helpful, and professional your staff is.

T.C. & M.C. 12.15.15

There was a need to expedite a Trust/Will for my brother – within 3-5 days a complete Will and Durable Powers were available. Assistance was provided with efficiency, thoughtfulness. All our needs were met, as were future needs.

F.V.O. 11.9.15

I think your firm met every concern we had and went above and beyond to help my family. I appreciate it greatly.

J.K. 9.23.15

Everyone is so friendly and the office is comfortable. I have given out 3 pens and cards.  One has responded so far and is very pleased.

M.S. 9.21.15

Very helpful in such a stressing time.

K.J. 9.14.15

Convenient appointment time – telephone questions and answers were readily available.  Time was like you were the only one and great concern was shown.

R.M. 8.10.15

Even though we came to our first appointment with a bit of uncertainty, and maybe a little trepidation, Lynn St. Louis quickly made us both feel comfortable. Having us fill out our paperwork ahead of time and Lynn reviewing it before she met with us was definitely positive. It helped us be specific in what we needed and immediately gave Lynn a snapshot of who we are. At our appointments we found the staff and Lynn St. Louis to not only be warm and welcoming, but very professional as well.

M.B. 6.17.15

We liked the dogs. Easy to talk with. Worked to understand our concerns.

M.S. 6.5.15

I was made to feel comfortable, from the start, with your friendly and welcoming staff. You met my needs with your knowledge and promptness. Thank you!

C.M. 5.11.15

Relaxed atmosphere! Round table, coffee/tea, your wonderful dog – more like family problem solving than preparing a will.

K.B. and D.B. 4.28.15

I felt at ease immediately after meeting Lynn. The office staff is very professional and I loved Piper. I am comfortable in knowing that we have everything in place due to your excellent work. Thank you!

M.P. 4.16.15

I felt very honored and graciously accepted at each point of contact. Directions were clear and well laid out. Legal advice was given in a very satisfactory way – always made to feel respected. Trust was never difficult.  Definitely would return.

B.F. 4.14.15

You did exactly what you said and did it quickly and efficiently.

D.N. 4.10.15

Polite, competent, caring attorney and staff.  Felt well cared for!

K.B. 4.8.15

I am extremely pleased with your office. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders thanks to you and your firm.

D.H. 4.6.15

During husband’s accident, hospitalization, subsequent transfer to the care/rehab center for further recovery, his having been given the category of “Observational Status” as opposed to an inpatient by the hospital resulted in his being denied eligibility for Medicare coverage/care/rehab. In being literally catapulted into shock, disbelief, and the pending out-of-pocket costs to come, on good advice to see elder law consult I was given your name and was met by you with such calm, compassion, warmth, genuineness, and one of the nicest cups of hot coffee ever! I left that appointment with you confident that I’d be legally rescued form my caldron of torment and confusion. You and your team painstakingly guided me through what was for me a labyrinth/maze in acquiring ****’s Medicaid approval, as well, too, your beautiful work in our estate planning. I so admire your expertise and what I see as a meticulously Herculean effort on your part. You could not have better served us, and we are so grateful to you. You’ve been endlessly accommodating. Very satisfied.

H.W. and B.W. 2.04.15

We are overwhelmed with the generosity of the work you have done for us. We could never have managed an of this without you, Lynn, and your wonderful staff. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Very satisfied.

J.D. and S.D. 1.23.15

All the staff members I met were very personable and obviously very  knowledgeable. Very satisfied.

G.R. and B.R. 12.12.14

Medicaid was totally foreign to me, and you did everything I asked of you and your team. Very satisfied.

A.M. 12.11.14

Everyone in the office was truly caring and helpful. I have recommended your firm many times. Very satisfied.

R.M. and C.M. 7.10.14

The subject of death is always a “touchy” subject, and perhaps even more so when we are making the preparations for our own death. Lynn did an excellent job of making me feel at ease with the topic at hand. I was impressed at how well Lynn understood the objectives I wanted to accomplish and I was pleased with her ability to transfer my goals to legal documents. Lynn and her staff make you feel welcome and it is gratifying for me to know that if my family members, or others named in the Will, need help that she is the one they can reach out to for assistance. Very satisfied.

S.C. 6.19.14

Prompt, concise, very well prepared in explaining the legalities of estate planning. Very satisfied.

C.B. 6.3.14

Lynn and staff are wonderful! My husband and I felt comfortable and relaxed, knowing we were in good hands, with people we could trust. (However, best of all were the doggy kisses! Thank you, Jasper!) Very satisfied.

D.C. and C.C. 5.29.14

Appreciated the good advice and encouragement. A pleasure to deal with you and your staff. Very satisifed.

A.B. 5.21.14

Very reliable and professional.  Very satisfied.

D.G. 4.21.14

This was the best legal experience we have ever had. Your office was excellent and effective in every respect and helped us resolve a difficult situation that we had been plagued by for years. Very satisfied.

K.C. 3.24.14

1.  Able to answer all questions, took the time to explain.  2.  Willing to talk about different options in the Will.  3. Able to listen to our concerns and put this into legalese.  Very satisfied.

J.O. 3.21.14

The willingness of the attorney to come to our home for the consultation was gratefully appreciated, as my uncle’s mobility is very limited. Lynn’s office is a welcome place to visit, and her staff is very compassionate, helpful, and friendly. I love the precious dogs who welcome affection and present a feeling of home. Very satisfied.

T.P. 3.11.14

In planning for M.E.’s financial and legal future, Lynn was skillful in helping us focus and identify what her needs might be in the future.  She gave us ideas to follow up on whether it be to help her remain in her home as long as possible or to qualify for the COPES program.  Lynn also gave us ideas for meeting her social needs and other services that might be available for someone with dementia.  From our standpoint we could not have been more satisified with the Lynn St. Louis [Law] Office PLLC.  M.E. was so happy that we had found a woman attorney, that your office was in a homelike environment and that we had found someone who had been able to work with her and help her understand all of the legal paperwork.  Her greatest fears were that she would not be able to sign her name due to being nervous and that everything would change in her life once the legal papers were signed.  She felt very happy and good about her conversations with Lynn and the rest of your staff.  She felt she was treated with respect and felt Lynn made an effort to understand what she was feeling.  M.E. trusted that Lynn would be able to help all of us secure and protect her future so that the rest of her life can be as meaningful as possible.

S.M. and G. M. 3.6.14

Interaction was complete and thorough.

J.R. and K.R. 1.28.14

I consider Lynn to be our friend who tries to understand us…You are considerate, caring, and I know I can count on your firm when I need help.

R.B. and B.B. 1.22.14

Everyone was very courteous and knowledgeable which enabled my husband and myself to proceed ahead and take the challenging steps needed for hope for the future. Thank you.  Very satisfied.

R.B. and M.B. 1.22.14

Very knowledgeable and had a complete understanding of our needs.  Made recommendations that could potentially save significant amounts of money to the estate.

R.D. 12.20.13

I appreciated that you took the time to explain basic legal concepts in a way that was easier to understand. Also, when I called to ask questions, I was surprised to get an immediate response. Thank you!!

J.G. and B.G. 11.19.13

Everyone (including every dog) was helpful, knowledgeable, and competent. Lynn came up with good ideas for our situation and the plan was thoroughly explained. The document book and packet of originals are very useful.

A.M. and K.M. 10.1.13

We were very satisfied with the information you gave us.

P.S. and H.S. 9.27.13

Very friendly, up front, very helpful when we had questions. Made us feel like we were important instead of just money. Thank you for being a dog lover!!! And thank you for giving us peace of mind.

D.H. and S.H. 7.10.13

Your whole staff was very concerned and empathetic with our situation. We all appreciated the kindness which our father was shown by Lynn. Our father expressed that too. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We will definitely call on you again should the need arise.

L.R. 6.14.13

Courteous and friendly, understanding of our legal needs, able to answer questions in a clear and timely manner.

R.M. and J.M. 5.23.13

I feel that you were very patient with us.  I still have some questions, but I feel I can always call and someone in your office would help me.

H.B. and L.B. 3.15.13

I am so grateful for Lynn and the staff at Lynn St. Louis Law Office. You helped me during a very stressful time when my mom’s health was changing and I needed assistance for planning and finances to ensure I could assist with her care needs and maintain our family relationships through the process over the last three years.

G.V. 1.07.13

We were so pleased that you took the time to answer all of our questions.  We never felt rushed.

S.J. and J.J. 12.12.12

You all made me feel so welcome. I knew when I walked in that I would get the help that I needed. I felt so overwhelmed before starting the process, but walked out with all the confidence in the world that my needs would be met. I am so grateful to have had you highly recommended to me.

S. T. 12.04.12

We appreciate your prompt and courteous response to our needs, and trust you to watch out for us, as it feels a little overwhelming to us.

R.L. and N.L. 11.1.12

My most grateful ‘Thank you’ for all of your help and patience for me and my family during this most stressful time in our lives. (My love and prayers for all of you.)

M.D. 8.30.12

I chose the Lynn St. Louis Law Office to help represent me when I was appointed Personal Representative for my father’s estate.  I appreciated that they were extremely thorough in their research in finding the correct and lawful answers to the complicated questions that seemed to come up at every turn.  I believe their thoroughness will protect my family long term which was most important to me. Current on elder law/estate issues, they were very proactive in their approach.  Working with them from a distance of four states away was not a problem. Everyone in the office was experienced with a plethora of technology, making it easy for us to communicate from afar. I always was able to get immediate assistance. I would highly recommend the Lynn St. Louis Law Office to anyone dealing with estate planning or issues surrounding elder law.

A.S. 7.5.12

They answered my questions promptly and thoroughly. Made sure I understood and kept my agenda on track.

J.F. 6.26.12

The ‘Lynn St. Louis team’ represents a total package when dealing with elder care. One of our family members has been in denial. Lynn helped us to bring a sense of reality to balance the sibling’s emotions.

J.M. 6.26.12

Your personalized friendly service, along with your knowledge and flexibility made working with your office satisfying…service was excellent.

S.S. 6.11.12

Have already referred others to your firm…Your firm gave me confidence to my father & mother that their wishes would be followed thru on. Able to work with you and your staff. Loved Jasper!

C.D. 5.30.12

Prompt and very knowledgeable. Set my mind at ease. Thank you very much for your care and concern.

K.J. 5.1.12

Without you… well… you have done so much. I sing your praises daily. Thank you. You were very kind in my horrible time of stress.

M.W. 4.19.12

It was a great experience working with Lynn and her staff. I was going through a difficult time concerning my mom both before and after her death. It helped me immensely knowing Lynn was handling the legal portion.

J.H. 3.14.12

We appreciated how you explained the strategy of this process – on the blackboard. You showed us more than once and it really helped to “see” as opposed to “hear.”…Lynn, you all were extremely helpful…We had no idea how to do all of this.

J.M. 2.28.12

Courteous.  Lynn was so nice to me and explained in detail fashion everything I need to know. It’s a relief for me to have this done.

A.H. 2.23.12

Expertise and friendliness!!  Thanks for all your help!  My mom and I appreciate all of you!

D.T. 12.13.11

You came across with your explanations very well and made things very clear.

D.S. 12.7.11

You are the best. Couldn’t have gotten through this without you all. You made a sad time easier to get through.

J.H. 6.21.11

Lynn, your guidance and knowledge of the system, for lack of a better term, was invaluable to us.  Can’t begin to thank you and your staff enough for making us feel that we were more than just another client.

T.B. 3.29.11

No better way than you did.

M.G. 12.14.10