Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategies™ (MAPS™)


At-home care, assisted living and nursing home care costs are expensive. You may be able to shoulder those expenses for your Long-Term Care needs through insurance or through your family wealth.  When those resources fall short, Medicaid is a key tool for Long-Term Care benefits.  A solid plan utilizing our Smart Spend-Down checklist can help you avoid depleting your family’s assets unnecessarily.

Without parallel, Medicaid laws are complex, confusing and ever-changing. Qualifying for Medicaid skilled nursing and COPES non-skilled nursing programs is an extremely focused area of knowledge. At Elder Law Group PLLC, through the implementation of Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategies™, we will help you with:

  • Protecting financial assets while still obtaining vital Long-Term Care for you or your loved ones through our Smart Spend-Down checklist and procedure.
  • Obtaining Medicaid or COPES benefits
  • Creating necessary documentation for Estate Planning, including a Will, Durable Powers of Attorney and Health-Care Directive
  • Avoiding the state’s lien on assets for Medicaid benefits provided

Even if you do not believe you have many financial assets to protect or have not made plans for Long-Term Care considerations, it is not too late to make a strong plan now. Let us help you explore the Medicaid Asset Preservation Strategy™ that is appropriate for you.