Asset Protection Estate Planning™

Asset Protection Estate Planning™ is vitally important for everyone.

Let us show you the remarkable peace of mind that comes from knowing you have provided for your loved ones and made things easier for them in the event of your incapacity or death. We will work hand-in-hand with you to design an Asset Protection Estate Plan™ that does more than simplify or eliminate the probate process. We prepare robust Asset Protection Estate Plans, which minimize taxes and liens, and distribute property according to your wishes. It is so important to know that your surviving spouse and family will be taken care of even after you are gone.

We make the Estate Planning process a positive one for you. We will discuss any and all questions and concerns you may have, so that you may fully understand your options and make informed decisions. We ensure your voice is heard in the case of incapacity or other unexpected challenges.  Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Ensuring that an Attorney-in-Fact is designated to make medical and financial decisions when you cannot
  • Helping parents or grandparents name the guardian of their minor or disabled children or grandchildren
  • Making sure that your very personal desires regarding health care decisions are known and followed should you become incapacitated
  • Avoiding unnecessary guardianships
  • Designating a Personal Representative to handle the settlement of your estate and distribution of your property when you pass
  • Simplifying your Estate Plan without sacrifice to Asset Protection.